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The My Connected Home Cabling Platform is the essential backbone to future proof your house and enables you to add new devices as the technology evolves.

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Benefiting anyone who works from home, watches TV, listens to music or uses the internet, by investing in a My Connected Home Platform you will enjoy the ability to synchronise all of your household’s incoming services via your phone or tablet for a wealth of Smart Home features.


Plus, with the cabling built in within the walls of your home, you’ll receive excellent Wi-Fi for greater efficiency and security when working from home.

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Electrical Work

How does it work?

Our My Connected Home platform is seamlessly integrated into your home via the clever cabling system built and installed within the walls of your home.

Our experienced installation team will seamlessly install the platform into your home, alongside providing you with further support, should you need it, to get fully set up.

Say goodbye to untidy wires and say hello to one immersive experience!

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What a My Connected Home Platform can do for you

The My Connected Home Cabling Platform provides excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home, USB charging, built-in internet monitoring and Freeview TV, wired network points and telephone points in all rooms as standard.

Also included is an ELAN Control Processor which allows you to control your home technology with one app on your smart phone and access to a wealth of Smart Home features.

The Platform is compatible with all devices and can integrate and bring to life all aspects of a Smart Home such as heating and lighting and 4k Video distribution.

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Tailored Packages

Once you have the My Connected Home Cabling Platform you can choose to add our Smart Home Packages to fully personalise your system and create the ultimate personalised Smart Home.

What’s more, you only select the packages that suit you.

Our music, video, home cinema and security everywhere packages below provide you with the ultimate connected experience.

Staying at home never felt so good.

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Video Everywhere

Experience the ultimate in multi-room TV and video throughout your home by adding video distribution equipment at the heart of the system and watch your favourite TV programmes in any room in the house.

House devices such as your 4K or HD set top Box and Blu-Ray player remotely in the cabinet and send high definition pictures to all your televisions around the home.

Say goodbye to untidy wires and mount your TVs on the wall.

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Music Everywhere

Don’t confine your music to one room.

Deliver sound and music around your home from a single source by connecting the concealed cables to discrete ceiling speakers.

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Home Cinema

Create your very own home cinema with immersive surround sound for the ultimate cinema experience.

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Safety & Security

Want to check on your home

from anywhere in the world?

Add discrete CCTV camera systems and recording devices to increase the security of your home for peace of mind.

Deter intruders by programming your TVs and lights to come on and off whilst you are away.

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