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Expert urges households to avoid five heating 'myths' to keep bills down this winter

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

five heating myths
five heating myths

Heating Myths

With everyone looking to save money this winter, there are a few widespread myths about what can save you money with heating myths.

There are a lot of different ways to save money on your heating bills, but not every method is effective.

Nigel Best, director of electrical training provider Electrician Courses 4U, said there are some pieces of advice that households should avoid in order to keep costs down. Here are five heating myths and the reasons they don't work according to the experts.

Heating myth 1 Keeping the heating on low all day

One common myth in circulation is the idea that keeping the heating on at low levels all day will save you money over turning it off and on. "This is indeed false," Nigel warned.

"All you are doing is keeping your heating on for a longer period of time. This ultimately means you are going to end up with a very expensive heating bill at the end of the month."

Heating myth 2 A smart meter will automatically save money

A smart meter can help you track electricity usage at home and can help ensure your bills are more accurate but will not save you money by themselves. If you want to use them to save you cash, then you need to act on the information they give you.

"The meter will tell you how much energy you’re using, which then allows you to cut back and turn off the heating or electrical appliances which are eating up your electricity," Nigel explained.

"Simply investing in a smart meter does not save you money directly."

Heating myth 3Turning your heat on high will heat your home faster

When your home begins to get cold, many will turn the heating on high in an attempt to get warm quickly. However, if you want to save money on your bills, this is a bad idea.

"Your house will heat up at the same time whether your heating is at 20C or at 30C," Nigel explained. "You will actually end up wasting money as later in the night when the heating has been on for a while you may become too hot and at that point you’ve already used a lot more energy than you needed to."

Heating myth 4 Electric heaters are more efficient than central heating

Another myth which is common is the belief that electric heaters are more cost-efficient than turning the heating on. While results will vary depending on what model and make of electric heater you have, this is unlikely to save money.

"Although an electric heater will save you money on your gas heating costs, it will add on to your electricity costs considerably," Nigel warned. "Electric heaters are known for being wasteful with energy, by not only creating heat but also noise."

Heating myth 5 Fireplaces are the best way to stay warm

Some people will try to use their fireplaces as a way to keep warm instead of turning on the heating. They are not, however, the most efficient way to heat a home.

"Fireplaces that require a chimney can cause major heat loss in a home," he explained.

"That’s because cold air can get in via the top of the chimney and hot air can escape." He also added that the cost of firewood needed for the likes of wood burning stoves could easily outweigh the money saved from keeping your heating off.

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